Saturday, March 17, 2012

Syntax highlighter for SL programming language

A few days ago  Eliseo Ocampos posted on Google plus a hello world example that shows a bit of his project named gSL which is a very interesting project that still in early states.

gSL is a GNU interpreter for SL, a language which is used in the academic field to teach Introductory courses to programming. The SL language interpreter is distributed freely but the code is proprietary, that's why the gSL project started.

Since there is no open source IDE or text editor that supports SL language, I decided to do a syntax highlighter for GtkSourceView-based editors, such as gedit, named

sl-highlight which simple declares a language spec that GtkSourceView uses.

The project source code can be found at sl-highlight 
Feel free to download and use it.

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